Beaches of Salamis


Salamina, has 100km of coastline, beaches for all tastes, from crowded to quiet and secluded.
Organized Beaches exist all over the west side. In Aiantio, Alyki, Psili Ammos, Iliaktis and Resti.







Aeantios beach in Salamina is a sandy organized beach. You will find shops, taverns, bars, hotels and rooms to let. There are also hotels, rooms to let, fish taverns, bars and playgrounds. You will find everything you need to have fun and relax. Near the beach of Aeantios you will find equally beautiful Beaches Columns, Kanakia and Doves.



In the southern part of the island, you will find Beaches of natural beauty. Picturesque beaches with blue waters in Kanakia, Saterli, Cologne, Dove, Maroudi, Kiriza, Kaki Vigla and elsewhere, making Salamina a worthwhile tourist destination.